Overhead doors


New single-piece overhead garage doors incorporate many important advantages over other one-piece doors. Each door comes complete with a slim, galvanized, maintenance-free frame, and incorporates a specialized cantilever function that eliminates cumbersome internal tracks. Even in the absence of tracks, the door can easily be motorized. Standard color is fully finished white, with several color options available.

Basic features

Finger protection
The built-in finger guard is a feature designed for your protection. There are protective guards covering the lifting arms. These flexible plastic modules cover all the joints of the mechanism, safeguarding fingers, and small hands.

Protective cover guards
Elastic plastic covers on door panel and along the sides of the frame provide protection against injury between the door itself and the frame.

Safety distance between the springs
The distance between the spring parts is sufficiently small so that even a child's fingers are protected.

Anti-theft protection achieved with unique rotating locking system
This method of locking ensures that the corners of the door panel are fixed to the frame, so that it is not possible to open with a crowbar. Single-piece overhead garage doors are manufactured from thin galvanized steel sheets that are electrostatically painted.


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