Off street parking

JUPITER's automatic parking management system is the innovative product of HUB Parking Technology - FAAC business group - that develops smart software and provides quality solutions for the parking industry, delivering high reliability, total parking control and scalability.

The JUPITER automatic parking management system is the high-end solution our company offers for off-street (outdoor or indoor) parking spaces. It is an innovative solution designed to make it easier for customers and end users to save time, increase satisfaction and efficiency.

  • CLEVER & MODULAR DESIGN: The JUPITER system is ready to accommodate any future developments in combination with the flexibility of JMS management software.
  • COMPONENTS RATIONALIZATION: Optimized space structure provides easier and safer mechanical intervention, while rational selection of components throughout the product range can utilize a compact and durable spare part.
  • RELIABILITY: Thanks to extensive testing and best engineering practices, the Jupiter system is consistently run in extreme weather and heavy-duty applications.
  • SCALABILITY: A wealth of configurations allow for an extremely scalable solution, ideal both for single and multiple sites.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Taking into account the operator's trademark to the fullest, the housing and base of the Jupiter system column can be ordered in a custom design and color.


The new requirements drive new and more flexible features to integrate innovation into the system. The Jupiter system is designed to adapt to complex systems including parking, credit card parking, prepaid parking online, license plate identification or a combination of these. Among the main features of the series are:

  • Full stainless steel cabinet construction
  • Waterproof, working in extreme temperatures
  • Multiple combinations of entry and exit functions
  • Multiple ticketless access options
  • Multilingual high-contrast displays
  • Impact and scratch-resistant monitor
  • Barcode and magnetic ticket technology
  • Multiple combinations of electronic payment devices
  • Lockable access doors on two sides for lane stations

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